grant gunderson

Genre: Photographer

Hometown: usa

About Grant

One of the ski industry’s most dedicated photographers, Grant has shot for every major snow sports and outdoor publications worldwide including ESPN, Outside, FHM, Powder, Aka Skidor, Fri Flyt, Skiing and Kootenay Mountain Culture, and he serves as Photo Editor of The Ski Journal. From Iceland to Patagonia, Grant routinely produces unique deep powder imagery and authentically documents the lifestyle and culture of skiing. Beyond his editorial work, Grant’s work is featured in ongoing marketing campaigns with respected outdoor brands such as Black Diamond, Outdoor Research, Patagonia and Salomon. He skis close to 200 days a year and when he is not on snow you can find him on his bike or trekking throughout North America and beyond.

"If you need someone to go above and beyond the scope of the assignment and deliver the photos in an absurd unrealistic timeline, all bets are that Grant can do it. He's a slave driver to himself and the athletes, to which we at BD are always thankful for; especially when each of his submissions are 2000+ files, filled with amazingly beautiful images. It's because of photographers like him, that people like me will continue to have a job." — Sandra Salvas, Photo Editor, Black Diamond Equipment

“Grant is one of the hardest working photographers out there. It shows in his ability to consistently produce cutting-edge action photography in the Pacific Northwest, one of the darkest and wettest environments a ski photographer could possibly work in. He has pioneered techniques with off-camera flash to produce some of the most memorable imagery skiing has ever seen.” — Mark Lesh, Art Director, SKIING magazine

"Grant is an outstanding photographer and a superb creative partner.  Not only does he have world-class photographic skills, but he has the organizational side of his business totally dialed. For a partner like us, his is an essential combination of art and efficiency." — Hal Thomson, Salomon SAS

 “Grant Gunderson’s photos speak for themselves. His images are larger than life and they capture the moment from a uniquely artistic perspective. Grant himself is also a pleasure to work with: professional, hard-working, and truly passionate about what he does.” —Megan Michelson, Freeskiing Editor

"One look through Grant Gunderson's portfolio and you can clearly see his passion for the outdoors and creating unique, inspiring photography.  Grant's technical knowledge is evident with clean lighting and crisp subjects and his skill directing athletes shows in the composition of his final images.  Grant’s attention to detail doesn't stop when he puts down the camera.  Every submission he sends in is neatly edited and labeled so there's no guesswork left to his client.  Talent aside, Grant’s enthusiastic nature makes him a pleasure to work with." — Keri Bascetta, Ski Magazine

"I've never worked with a photographer that works quite as hard as Grant does.  From sun up to sun down, day after day, Grant is out there, working his tail off to make beautiful shots happen.  And the bonus is he always does it with a smile on his face.  A true pleasure of a photographer to work with. Sure all the covers, ads and photographic success can speak volumes for Grant.  But what I enjoy about shooting with Grant is his passion to be outside, tireless work ethic and constant friendly energy.  As a skier it's infectious to work with photographers like Grant and because of it, the final product always seems to be just a little bit better." — Cody Townsend, Professional Skier

"Working with Grant always surprises me and leaves my jaw dropped to the keyboard every time he sends me his latest submission. Even in his own backyard of Mt Baker he manages to constantly find new angles and ways of capturing incredible ski action from a powder stash he's been exploring for an endless number of winters. What impresses me most is that no day seems to bad to bring out his camera gear. On storm days and in less than epic light, in conditions few other photographers would even bother to leave bed for, he pushes the envelope, mixing the dramatic with pure beauty." — Tobias Liljeroth, Editor, Aka Skidor

"Grant and I have been working together for nearly 10 years and I am still always impressed by his imagery and work ethic. He is a dedicated photographer willing to do and try anything to get the best shot possible." — Jeff Thomas, Director/Producer,  Switchback Entertainment 

"Grant knows how to get it done on and off the hill and brought me the first and most publications yet!!" — James Heim, Professional Skier

"Grant Gunderson knows more about the functions and uses of cameras than the instruction manuals.  Constantly upgrading, if there is a tool coming out that will help him increase his potential he knows about it 6 months before its release, and it is on doorstep the first day available.  If he thinks it will make a difference in the work their is almost nothing he won't put him self through to get the shot.  It is that kind of dedication and professionalism that makes me want to work harder as an athlete, and gives me total confidence in his decisions and opinions.  His ability to understand the possibilities and more importantly the limits of the equipment makes him the most reliable photographer in the industry." —  Zack Giffin, Professional Skier

"I had wanted to shoot with Grant for years before I finally had the honor to be in front of his lens.  When I finally got the opportunity I was going to make sure I did my best to get an invite to go shoot again.  That was over 3 years ago.  I love working with Grant because not only is he one of the best photographer in the game, but he never settles until he gets the best shot possible, which he always seems to do. In addition to that he is always trying to be creative wether it be with flashes, new terrain, different angles, anything to get something new and unique." — KC Deane, Professional Skier


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