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Learn some photography and videography skills from some of the most skilled professionals in the industry, our f-stop Ambassador team!  By utilizing the knowledge of our team of Brand Champions and Ambassadors, you can be out shooting like the pros in no time!




Shooting action photography with timo anis

There are several ways to shoot great looking action images. There are several ways to do that. Firstly I would suggest you to figure out which kind of images you would like to make. Hereby I will give you 5 tips, which should help to improve your action photography skills. They are plac


Shooting Nighttime Sky with Ken Sklute

I’d like to share some thoughts on making images in the dark of the nighttime sky. I hope that my tips and tricks can help you make better images! I can’t wait to see what you enter in this photo challenge!



Shooting into the sun using available light with Craig Kolesky 

One of the very first things you may have been taught way back is NOT to shoot into the sun. Forget that right now…Shooting into the sun can create great results if done correctly and creatively. Also, it’s a myth that it is bad for your gear, although your eyes can definite


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