SHOOTING nature with sonny royal

The natural world is showcased throughout many diverse and wondrous forms from flora to fauna, terrestrial and marine environments, ecological to geological and everything in between. Capturing nature offers a welcomed challenge because of the variety of subjects and movement mixed with environmental factors and the effect of light. For the most part photographing nature requires you to get outside and explore the great outdoors in search of your own interpretation of natural beauty, a hobby that has been enjoyed all over the world. To get you started, here are some of my tips to help with your nature photography adventures:

1. Plan your trip accordingly

Be sure to dress appropriately for the elements and take water. Be safe and check the rules and regulations for the location you are going to shoot. Take a buddy because sharing an adventure with someone else is always a lot of fun or let someone know where you are going.


2. Have the right equipment  

A small bit of thought prior to your photographic adventure goes a long way when it comes to shooting a topic with a plethora of subjects. Take into account the time of day, light conditions, and what you’re planning to shoot with what lenses that will be most appropriate. I tend to go overboard with the amount of camera equipment as I pack for all potential encounters and weather scenarios that usually include a wide angle, macro, zoom and general portrait lenses, poncho and always spare batteries and memory cards!

3. Don’t be afraid to get dirty

Step off the beaten track and you will have more of a chance to stumble upon the lesser known areas that provide something different further promoting your photography to stand out from the rest and to have an edge. Find a new perspective to acquire more interesting photos from a higher vantage point, getting lower to the ground or playing around with framing.

4. Patience is key

Take the time to think about the shot you want to capture whether it’s a particular subject or scene understanding aspects about your subject’s behaviour or how light will play against the landscape will be key to capturing the moment. Be patient and take your time as nature is always full of surprises, you never quite know what to expect.

5.Be respectful

‘Take only photos, leave only footprints’, as cliché as it is, it couldn’t be more important! Always take out what you bring in respecting the environment by leaving only footprints. Respect the boundaries of a wild animal and never cause unnecessary stress. Sometimes keeping your distance capturing wildlife within the natural environment can create a captivating scene. Always engage in nature photography in a responsible, low-impact manner






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