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Internal Camera Units

The ICU, or Internal Camera Unit, protects your camera equipment and other valuable gear. Working seamlessly with the back panel access of our Mountain and UL Series packs, they provide a fully modular packing solution with quick access from the mountaintop to the studio shelf.


Pro ICU - XLarge

Designed for large kits and moving super telephoto Active Photographer glass, the XL Pro works best for users trying to maximize their bag with camera gear....



Pro ICU - Large

One of our most popular products ever, the Pro ICU - Large is perfect for users needing to pack a large camera kit with no super-telephoto lenses, leaving just enough space left over in the bag for so...



Slope ICU - Medium

The Medium Slope is a performance oriented ICU, designed specifically for gripped bodies with attached optics. The tapered design allows the glass and body to rest in a level orientation and for the b...



Shallow ICU - Medium

Designed for non-gripped systems, the Medium Shallow provides the perfect amount of space for several lenses and up to a mounted 70-200....



Pro ICU - Small

One of the more versatile ICU sizes available, the Small Pro is equipped with enough depth for Pro-gripped bodies and medium sized lenses. Best of all, users can stack two smalls in larger f-stop bags...



Shallow ICU - Small

From simple DSLR kits to mirrorless, the Small Shallow is the ideal ICU for keeping things tight and minimal....



Micro ICU - Tiny

The Micro Tiny ICU makes a perfect complimentary unit for protecting your small valuables. The Micro Tiny neatly packs and organizes small mirrorless kits, as well as off-camera flash, remote triggers...



ICU Micro Nano

The Tiny Nano ICU makes a perfect complimentary unit for protecting your small valuables. The Tiny Nano ICU neatly packs and organizes small mirror-less kits, as well as off-camera flash, remote trigg...



Master ICU - Cine

Co-developed with the Shinn, the Master Cine is designed for transporting large camera setups such as rigged and rodded video gear and super-telephoto lenses with bodies attached. The Master Cine also...







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