Pro ICU - XLarge

Designed for large kits and moving super telephoto Active Photographer glass, the XL Pro works best for users trying to maximize their bag with camera gear.



Our Internal Camera Units (ICUs) set f-stop camera packs far ahead of any other camera-carrying system.

Engineered to function seamlessly with our Mountain Series packs, ICUs allow you to create the perfect balance of camera gear,

and everything else you need, for any trip imaginable. They also make great independent storage units,

providing speed-packing capabilities and organization for any photographer.

Product Features


Product Notes

Technical Details


The fstop_system_logo_contact.png System 


Camera Gear & ICU

The ICU, or Internal Camera Unit, protects your camera equipment and other valuable gear. The heavy duty foam padding and Velcro® straps work together to keep your gear secure and protected.



Insert, Secure & Go

The ICU is designed to fit perfectly into your f-stop pack. It secures to the inside of the pack via Velcro® tabs and connection loops. When you’re ready to shoot, all of your gear inside of the ICU is accessible via the back panel opening.



Other Essentials

Everyone’s needs are different, so we designed the ICU’s with versatility in mind. The ability to choose the ICU size that fits your specific needs helps to find that perfect balance between camera gear and other essentials.


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