Loka UL

For the active shooter desiring simple and light, f-stop has engineered an ultra-lightweight carry solution for their needs, the Loka UL. The pound-pinching pack features a rip-stop nylon 37L shell, full-size suspension, and internal frame in a streamlined package tipping the scales at a mere 1kg. Rear and top access makes the Loka UL a versatile form-fitting bag ideal for adventures where all that is needed are the bare essentials and a camera. ***ICU sold separately

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Integrated Features

What are the Pros Saying

"More than 1/3 lighter than the original, this newer version has been simplified in the interests of weight reduction and better freedom of movement. Those goals have been achieved without any compromise whatsoever in the build quality."


Jeff Guyer

Author @ Digital Photography School


Pocket Configuration

Size & Fit





55.88cm | 22in



31.75cm | 12.5in



27.94 | 11in



37 Liters



1.02kgs | 2.25lbs


female torso kashmir FSTP0867.jpg

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